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Discovering the trails
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Langhe and Roero
love for the landscape

"returne to the nature"

Discovering the trails

About us

“Discovering the trails”

Who is this service?

A tutti coloro che vogliono scoprire il territorio delle langhe e del roero avvicinandosi  alla natura, alle tradizioni locali, alla buona cucina e ai suoi prodotti.

Fauna e  flora che caratterizzano il patrimonio di langhe e roero saranno protagonisti delle nostre escursioni. Discovering trails è l’amore verso la Natura.

Why choose our service?

it’s’ Return to the Nature.People, wineries, land languages, caves, hidden trails, sea pines, chestnut woods and elms. The breeze in the morning, the dew in the fields.We are not bound to predetermined paths, tracked and reported, we move according to season, season, over time, taking into account the individual abilities, the desire and the desire of everyone.Dicoveringtrails is rediscovered with sophisticated sensations, hidden scents, and hidden images.

How can you partecipate?

Our contact is provided directly by the tourist facilities we work with. By booking and requesting our service you can spend a few hours with us leaving behind your daily tensions and habits.Discoveringtrails is ‘freedom’ on the move.


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Langhe and Roero to discover nature

Dirt roads

Views of the woods


High and low Langhe and Roero

Here are some of our proposals. Packages for all needs and skill level

Easy Hike
Meeting at the 9.30 a.m. at Alba for measuring and bike rental. Leaving at 10.00 a.m. Walking trail (a choise between two rates / Fossil (Roero). Arrival 12.00 a.m. at Cantina Bajaj, laboratory and tasting
Excursion smile and dug up
  DCIM100MEDIA Meeting at 9.30 a.m. in Alba for measuring and mountain rental. Appeal , and leaving at 10.00 a.m. Distance from Alba to Grinzane Cavour, coffee break, and departure towards the winery Raffaele Gili.
Leave and Dream trips
This tour is for those who are not afraid to ride and have fun at the same time.  Meeting at 9.20 in Alba with cappuccino breakfast and bicycle rental. The trip includes hike dirt roads
Do it yourself trip
This trip is for those who like to manage themselves their own time,  it will be you to decide for how long to take this tour. wher to go . how many ours,  hou many



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